Unicorns hold a special allure for children. Good and pure, these beautiful mythical creatures possess magical powers like healing wounds and sickness with their horns. Although notoriously difficult to catch, Mon Ami® has managed to capture the whimsical wonders with a special assortment of unicorn plush dolls. Boasting blush pink fur and a gold horn, hooves and wings, Uliana the Unicorn plush toy is the ultimate cuddle buddy. Ophelia the Unicorn plush doll puts a smile on any little girl’s face with her flowing pink and gold mane and ethereal dress with sparkly details. For the ultimate gift that will fuel a child’s fantasies day after day, pair a unicorn plush doll with a matching unicorn plush blanket or unicorn plush backpack. 

Mon Ami® offers an assortment of mythical friends to complement our collection of loveable unicorn plush dolls. Dax the Dragon, Nico the Narwhal, Prince Jean Luc and Princess Magali will happily keep a unicorn plush doll company from playdates to afternoon naps. Unicorns love eating rainbows, so give a unicorn plush toy something delicious to eat and brighten any room with a plush rainbow shelf sitter. Delight a newborn or unicorn-obsessed child with an ultra-soft unicorn plush blanket that’s the perfect size for a baby’s little hands. A unicorn plush doll in the corner of the blanket adds an extra element of fun. 

An enchanting unicorn plush doll is the perfect present, whether you’re searching for a baby shower, birthday, holiday, or other special occasion gift. Super snuggly and beautifully detailed, our unicorn plush toys and their mythical friends will instantly gallop their way into a child’s heart. Put a spin on the traditional unicorn plush doll with a unicorn plush baby play mat or unicorn plush blanket. Practical and playful, a unicorn plush blanket can be popped in the washing machine and tumble dried on low. Our unicorn plush blankets range from a traditional security blanket ideal for newborns to a hooded unicorn plush doll blanket that toddlers love wrapping up in for movie night, story hour or a chilly car trip. 

Mon Ami® is a premier destination for exceptional plush dolls, toys, accessories and décor. You’ll find an adorable selection of unicorn plush dolls that will spark hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages. French for “my friend”, Mon Ami® creates one-of-a-kind treasures that both children and their parents love. Whether creating a whimsical unicorn plush toy or supersoft unicorn plush blanket, our team of talented product designers translate elegant European design into a style and price point that resonates with the American market. If you’re gifting a unicorn plush doll to your own child or a special loved one, you’re sure to find a special treasure at Mon Ami®. 


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