What little one doesn’t love a stuffed animal? Cuddy and cute, it’s a kid’s instant BFF. Studies show that animal plush toys provide comfort and familiarity to children especially in new situations and help them develop crucial life skills such as confidence, managing emotions and language skills. Mon Ami® offers a ferociously adorable collection of jungle plush toys that will bring smiles and spirited adventures to any nursery. Our cute-as-can-be assortment includes lion plush toys, giraffe plush toys, koala plush toys, sloth plush toys, and elephant plush toys. Designed of 100% polyester for optimal snuggling and durability, our animal plush toys are designed to accompany little ones on all their adventures, from playtime to naptime. When the loveable jungle plush toy gets dirty, simpy spot clean and air dry.

An animal plush toy is the ideal present for a baby shower, birthday, holiday or other special occasion. Mon Ami®’s magical menagerie of jungle plush toys includes Luca the Lion plush toy, Gentry the Giraffe plush toy, Oliver the Elephant plush toy, Sydney the Koala plush toy and Simon the Sloth plush toy. Our charming selection of cuddly creatures isn’t limited to traditional animal plush toys. Ideal for newborns, Mon Ami®’s jungle plush toys also take the form of super soft baby security blankets with a curved shape that’s easy for small hands to snuggle. Pair a cuddly security blanket with the matching animal plush toy for a thoughtful gift that will bring a baby comfort and contentment. Little girls and boys are instantly smitten with our jungle plush toys, featuring superior craftsmanship to ensure they last for years.

Whisk a little one to the Serengeti or the Maasai Mara with an imagination-sparking jungle plush toy. From lion and elephant plush toys to giraffe and koala plush toys, our charming critters help a child learn about different animal species in a fun way. Whether you opt for a traditional animal plush toy, animal-themed security blanket or a combination of both, it will make a child roar with happiness. A jungle plush toy is a furry new friend for newborns and toddlers, girls and boys alike. 

Mon Ami® is a premier destination for exceptional animal plush toys, baby knit dolls, accessories and décor. You’ll find an exquisite selection of absolutely adorable jungle plush toys that will spark hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages. French for “my friend”, Mon Ami® creates one-of-a-kind animal plush toys and other treasures that both children and their parents love. When creating an intricately detailed lion plush toy, elephant plush toy or giraffe plush toy, our team of talented product designers translate elegant European design into a style and price point that resonates with the American market. If you’re gifting a jungle plush toy to your own child or a special loved one, you’re sure to find a special treasure at Mon Ami®. 

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