There’s a special bond between a child and a loved stuffed animal. You’ve seen it. She can’t go anywhere without her floppy bunny plush toy in tow. The sight of his shaggy puppy plush toy instantly makes tears disappear. A cuddly stuffed animal is a baby’s first friend and plays an essential role in his or her development, offering comfort, aiding the development of social and language skills, and encouraging compassion and empathy. Win over a child—and help support a little one through the ups and downs of childhood—with a beautifully designed, cute-as-can be plush toy from Mon Ami®. 

From friendly foxes and adorable dragons to whimsical unicorns and lovable lions, you’ll find a veritable zoo of stuffed animals that will make any child smile. A little girl will be smitten with a Parisian poodle plush toy tucked in a satin bag detailed with tulle and glitter or a pretty pink pony plush toy with a supersoft mane and touch of sparkle. Inspire a tiny dude’s imagination with a cuddly slate blue shark plush toy or grinning alligator plush toy. If you don’t know a baby’s gender but want a thoughtful baby registry gift, Mon Ami® offers a variety of stuffed animals that are appropriate for both girls and boys. A classic teddy bear plush boy, cuddly koala plush toy, goofy moose plush toy, sweet turtle plush toy or charming giraffe plush toy will deliver lots of love and hours of play.

Whether you want to surprise your own little one or spoil a friend’s child, you’ll find an irresistible selection of durable, well-designed stuffed animals from Mon Ami®. Yes, you’ll find classic favorites like puppy, kitty and bunny plush toys, but you’ll also find novelty stuffed animals like crabs, sloths and robots. For the ultimate gift, pair a beautiful fawn or darling dragon plush toy with a cozy matching security blanket. Any child will absolutely adore his or her two new constant companions while parents will appreciate the elevated aesthetic of the stuffed animal and complementary blanket.

Mon Ami® is a premier destination for exceptional plush toys, accessories and décor. You’ll find an adorable selection of beautifully crafted stuffed animals, including cuddly foxes, dragons, unicorns, koalas, elephants, bears and bunnies. French for “my friend”, Mon Ami® creates one-of-a-kind treasures that both children and their parents love. Whether creating a goofy puppy plush toy or elegant swan plush toy, our team of talented product designers translate elegant European design into a style and price point that resonates with the American market. If you’re gifting a stuffed animal to your own child or a special loved one, you’re sure to find a special treasure at Mon Ami®. 

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