Kids love animals, but may not be ready for a pet of their own yet. Gift a little one the next best thing: a cute-as-can-be puppy plush toy or kitty plush toy from Mon Ami®. Our extensive selection of dog and kitty stuffed animals are not only absolutely adorable, but are designed of 100% polyester for maximum snuggle factor and extra durability. Puppy plush toys like Jacques the Jack Russell, Bentley the Goldendoodle and Winston the Schnauzer will wag their way into any child’s heart. Meow much love to a feline-obsessed toddler with a Callie the Kitty plush toy or Celeste the Cat stuffed animal. 

Stuffed animals like our puppy plush toys and kitty plush toys help kids develop important social skills by encouraging pretend play and interaction with others. For example, a little boy brings Bogart the Shaggy Puppy Plush Toy on a hayride or trip to the park because he wants to share the fun experience with him. Furry friends like our kitty plush toys also benefit speech and language skills. A little girl talks to her Schannel the Dog stuffed animal or Callie the Kitty stuffed animal as a trusted confidant, sparking emotional and verbal communication. 

In addition to a precious collection of puppy plush toys and kitty plush toys, Mon Ami® has put an innovative twist on kids’ favorite toys with a charming selection of security blankets, backpacks and toy purses. An extra-cuddly Callie the Kitty stuffed animal blanket is ideal for a newborn with its curved shape and plush texture that stimulates a child’s developing senses. Bonus: our kitty plush toy blanket can be machine washed on cold and tumble dried on low, encouraging daily use and love. Kids who are going places will love our Bentley the Puppy Plush Toy backpack or Celeste the Kitty Plush Toy backpack, appointed with adjustable straps and a zippered storage compartment for stashing toys, snacks and the ever-important blankie. For the aspiring style star, we offer Paris the Poodle dog stuffed animal and coordinating toy purse. If you opt for a traditional puppy or kitty plush toy or a fun variation, you will make a little one very happy with a new furry friend. 

Mon Ami® is a premier destination for exceptional plush toys, dolls, accessories and décor. You’ll find an adorable selection of puppy plush toys and kitty plush toys that will spark hours of imaginative play for kids of all ages. French for “my friend”, Mon Ami® creates one-of-a-kind treasures that both children and their parents love. Whether creating a Pierre the French Dog stuffed animal or Callie the Pink Kitty stuffed animal, our team of talented product designers translate elegant European design into a style and price point that resonates with the American market. If you’re gifting a puppy plush toy or kitty plush toy to your own child or a special loved one, you’re sure to find a special treasure at Mon Ami®. 

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